About Me

Based in Atlanta, I am a documentary photographer passionate about telling the stories of people in my own backyard and abroad.

I was raised by my grandparents in a small, southern town in North Carolina.  Since I could walk, I have gone through life with a camera in hand determined to tell the stories of the world around me—whether recording every moment of summer camp, tracking down photo opps for my high school yearbook, preserving memories of family adventures or traveling abroad with one of the nation’s most decorated journalism programs. 

A Tar Heel born and bred, I graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2013 with a degree in photojournalism. As a student, I documented the stories of local citizens and refugeescontributed to an award-winning multimedia project and traveled to Morocco as part of UNC’s only journalism study abroad program based in an Arab country. There, I combined my love for photography with my knack for foreign language to produce an original documentary project based in a rural village where my subjects spoke only Moroccan Arabic. In 2014, I married my college sweetheart who shares my love of travel and the great outdoors (and, of course, has now experienced my Morocco).

I’m currently accepting commissions for photographic work in Atlanta and the southeast. I’m also willing to travel internationally and particularly to Arabic-speaking countries.

Above:  My husband, Thomas, and I backpacking the Italian Dolomites on our honeymoon.
Left, photo credit: Courtney Potter Weddings

My Approach

My unique combination of being a small town girl and world traveler gives me the adaptability to work in any situation. I am as comfortable documenting the conservative and hardworking women of rural Morocco, chattering with them in Arabic, as I am photographing my grandmother as she whips up a batch of her homemade biscuits, chatting in our sing-song southern drawl. Camera in hand, I’m able to bridge all parts of myself, whether the downhome cotton lover or the Chaco-wearing adventurer, to anyone I meet—the decorated chef, the soulful farmer, the company executive, the refugee child or the nervous bride.

Using Format